[ P O L I C Y ]



i. This Policy covers this particular blog known as [ C H A M ], and associated flickr, syndicated feeds or directories recieving these posts, any other fashion or agency blogs in which I am a contributor and their subsequent feeds, any reblogging of these posts, and any links back to these posts.


I. I self identify as a Second Life® (SL®) virtual stylist, photographer and fashion model. I created this blog to share my creative stylings publicly and to communicate via an electronic outlet. I highly value SL® designers’ creative content and will make every effort to show those creations in the best format possible. I will only blog those items that in my opinion offer a value to SL® citizens’ virtual experience.

II. I reserve the right to offer a personal opinion. My view is not to be misunderstood to represent any agency affiliation or employment agreement I may have SL® inworld or real world. The views represented and choice of items are mine alone.

III. I will not be held to a schedule by designers for items that may be dropped, received as review copies or free gifts, or received through inworld blogger groups. I will accept these items, but as per this policy it will not require me to be obligated to blog these items.** ( **Unless, I enter a mutual agreement that states other unique terms for those specific items. These agreements may be terminated at any time, without cause, without notice, without damages and/or without monetary compensation to either party.**) I reserve the right to display, mix and match, and style outfits to my own satisfaction and piece items out into various outfits.
I will make every effort to give the designer credit on the blog post. If I blog an item, I will make an effort to send a link back to the designer, on a reasonable timely basis.

IV. Once items are dropped to me, they become my personal property.
I reserve the right to wear the items publicly inworld, and to allow any other SL® accounts I own and control to display and wear the items. I may give transferrable items to another model for styling and photography. I reserve the right to gift any transferrable items as a token of friendship to another SL® citizen of my choosing without obligation.
However, I agree not to sell or transfer the items to any other SL® individual’s account for profit.

V. My photos are taken within SL® as screenshots, and will be uploaded to my harddrive and processed using various graphic editing programs. The photos will be displayed and disseminated via Flickr®, Moolto, Facebook, PLurk, Twitter, other social media, other syndicated fashion feeds, other blogs in which I am a contributor, and/or uploaded to this blog. If I use the skills of a professional SL® photographer, I also agree to give that photographer rights to blog/display/flickr/disseminate my image wearing the items.*** (***Unless, I enter a mutual agreement that states other unique terms for those specific photos.***)
If a buyer likes an outfit, I suggest going to the inworld store to look at the vendor pictures or through Second Life® Marketplace.

VI. Second Life®, SL®, Linden Labs®, and other trademarks from Linden Research® are protected by trademark laws. I make no claims of any affiliation or association with Linden Research®, subsidiaries and other trademarked associations. I am a citizen of this virtual world by my own choice and recognition.

VII. I support the Second Life® fashion community, designers, photographers, artists, bloggers, models, builders, citizens, and their creative content rights.

VII. I will update Policies and Disclaimers as needed, and this goes in effect as of January 1, 2012.

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.