The Runway Perfect Hunt 2 is BACK!
And Fabulous and Fun and FREE!!!!
(PART 1 of my posts)
(Since there are 50 items,
I will be covering the hunt in installments
more to come…….)

Each item is Zero lindens!

From April 1 to April 30, 2012

Hint and Slurls official website:

(each prize gives the LM to the next prize)

– Morgane Batista Prize for One of each.
* I love custom poses.

#2 – FineSmith – yula Finesmith Prize for One of each
* Your man does not have to be an angel in order to be saint

#3 – White Widow- Julie Hastings prize for Female.
* If you want to find me, come and ask Morgane (Does not mean to IM Morgane, find the vendor)

#4 – Purplemoon – Poulet koenkamp prize for Female.
* ”Look for the new brightest colors of the season”

#5 – .:. CHG .:. Fashion – Chrishadley Ghost Prize for One of each
* ”Come fly with me (female prize)
* George is never too far” (male prize)

#6 – House Of Rage – nox deigan Prized for Unisex
* The goal is obtained at the point of a concealed blade.

#7 – Drakke Designs – Mandrakke dagger Prize for Female.
* Fit for a Goddess.

#8 – Aurora Borealis – Sequoia Nightfire Prize for One of each
* You may be a long way from Kansas, but you will still find your prize over the rainbow.

#9 – Shiki – shinichi mathy Prize for Female
* VIPs have all the fun!

#10 – Tres Beau – Kimmera Madison Fall Prize for Female.
* The “New” is here, the gift is near, look behind, you’re sure to find, no need to shed a tear.

#11 – Oceane Body Design- oceane grumiaux Prize for Unisex
* Skin wise it’s naturally a perfect match.

#12 – Vero Modero – Bouquet Babii prize for Female
* For a model walking straight isn’t everything,if it leads you to a beautiful gown worth of a contest queen hiding a gift for you.

#13 – Madrid Solo Fantasy Makeup – madrid solo Prize for Female
* Trolls live under bridges but gifts live under?

#14 – Egoisme – Ramses Meredith Prize for Unisex
* Fashion’ victims

#15 – Angel Dessous – Nando Korobase Prize for Female.
* the helping hands will lead you to your treasure

#16 – Xen’s Hats – Xenobia Foxclaw Prize for one of each
*There is a photo of a model wearing a hat in an odd spot. Look for another odd spot for the prize.

#17 – xanadu – Xaℕa (xanadu.damiano) Prize for (SKIP)

#18 – Prism – Journey McLaglen Prize for Female.
* next to the stairs

#19 – sYs – Systi Cisse Prize for ( SKIP)
*Take the link to store 20 by clicking MPP

#20 – MPP – morganeparis.parx prize for Female
* Shoes are girls best friends.

There is no more 21, take the lm to 22 from 20, it’s fixed

#22 – Bubble’s Designs – Bubble Cyberstar Prize for One of each
* Female – Stairs can take to fame…
* Male – King Metal can help

#23 – **Dura** Hair Shop – chiaki xue prize for Female
* Welcome!

#24 – A:S:S – Photos Nikolaidis prize for Unisex
*Make yourself up

#25 – Lovely Mi – lovelymiwako7399 menna Prize for Unisex (take this link it’s official)
* Let the goddess of love makeup guide you

#26 – Azoury – Mayhem Seetan Prize for Female
* I’m on a table

#27 – Sascha’s Designs – sascha.frangilli Prize for ( SKIP )
*skip to 28 by clicking the link

#28 – a la folie – pixivor.allen Prize for Female
* à l’endroit le plus précieux du magasin at the most precious place in the store

#29 – Crie Style – Grazioso Alekseev Prize for One of each
* please relax and have a drink?

#30 – Lantern Evolution- Lantern Oyen prize for Female.
* Cute panda is waiting for you.

#31 – Jazzy’s Designs – Jasilyn Amiot prize for Female.
*As you walk climb to the stars

#32 – Evolve – Reign Congrejo & Vixen Rau Prize for Female
* Can you find the perfect set of jewels?

#33 -PNP (Props-N-Poses) – AnneMarit Jarvinen Prize for three Runway poses – can be used by male or female :-)
* Where you can practice and buy tools to hone your modeling skills is where you will find your prize.

# 34 – Mock cosmetics – mocksoup.graves Prize for Female
* Eye think you are pointed in the right direction.

#35 – Paris Metro Couture – RFB Morpork prize for Female
* Up to the top floor and at the very top of the stairs you will find something awesome made with flair.

#36 – [: B!ASTA :] – Bomboloni Freschi Prize for one of each
* Please use the hint giver near the entrance!

#37 – moondance – kathrin dassin Prize for Female
* Valentines day has come and gone, and now people are switching ot French nails, but you don’t need ot have a classic french to feel perfect .

#38 – Carrie’s Lingerie – Tana Nightfire & carrie.bridger prize for One of each
* ’We all know most of the magic happens backstage. Time to change, you’re up next on the runway”

#39 – Sheep Door – meito Karu Prize for One of each
* Did you check the sale

#40 – Chop Zuey – Belle Roussel Prize for Female
* Go See the Fishes

41 – ::WetCat:: Builds&Poses – wetcat Flux Prize for One of each
* Lets go back to school!

#42 – 22769 – Casual Couture – Manuel Ormidale prize for Female.
*Slap the Orange Hintgiver near the landing point, it tells you the current Hint.

#43 – Les sucreries de fairy – Fairyzette Sahara Prize for Female
* I love Gown and parties outfits

#44 – Artistry by ~ E ~ – Endra Graves Prize for Female
* No hint needed

#45 – Morphine poses – Hadaluna daines Prize for One of each
* Feel the effect

#46 – The U-neek – Treebee withnail prize for Female
* No hints for now

#47 – Nana Saenz – Nana Saenz Prize for Female
* Dare the white !!

#48 Quintessência Store- Aleehssandra Moonites Prize for Female
* I really love plants

#49 – Aleida – Aleida rhode & houms thor Prize for One of each.
* ”Ale ´s micro little greenhouse” (female & male hunt gifts are placed both same place).

#50 – Curious Kitties – Ameshin Yossarian Prize for One of each
* FREE! GROUP GIFT 無料グループギフト.

#51 – Vanity Hair – tabata jewell Prize for Female
* Casual or formal


(PHOTOS OF items in future posts)