Old Fashioned Classical Elegance in this set.

WTG released new jewelry !
And at Four Season Plaza (FSP)
50% OFF sale for Limited time
(approximately 2 weeks).
+:+WTG+:+ at Four Seasons Plaza **Pearly Shell** [NEW] [SALE]

And New Releases from Amarelo Manga!
[AMARELO MANGA] – MAINSTORE – [AM] Dress Dream Lace Up Corset and [AM] Set Cloer Bodysuit, Belt and Pants [NEW]

My new go-to lip color (this week!)
[Mock] Cosmetics Flagship Store – [mock] Dark Kiss LipSmacker (Lip darkening creme) [GROUP notice]

And of course, something FREE!
“”D!va”” Main Store Isle – Hair “Maya” (Platinum) 2nd Anniversery Group Gift  [FREE]

Styling and Modelling by C H A M

Photography by CHEER.

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